C&A Farm is defining the Spotted Draft Horse.

We are often asked “What is a Spotted Draft Horse?”

Spotted Drafts - Minty Canters
Its a great question. All of our horses are registered with the Spotted Draft Horse Society.  They are a crossbred horse between a draft from Percheron, Belgian, Shire, Cyldesdale, Suffolk Punch, Drum Horse or American Cream breeding. They must have at least 25% draft blood to qualify for registration. An Elite horse is no less then 7/8 draft breeding. The heritage Stud book is for Spotted Draft Horses that are 50% Elite SDHS registered and the Standard Registry is for horses that do not qualify for registration in the other two stud books but are Spotted Draft Horses. So essentially they are a draft type horse with pinto markings.  Most of our horses are recorded in the Elite Stud books but the great part about SDHS is all registered horses are created equal for any program they offer.

The Spotted Draft Horse Society   (SDHS) was was founded in 2013 to promote and maintain stud books Spotted Draft Horses. The SDHS is more than just a registry.  The SDHS is implementing programs for members to participate in as well as preserve breeding programs already in place.  The SDHS is very focused on Spotted Draft Horses in our society and promoting the horses to the public.

We encourage you to see what the Spotted Draft Horses have to offer as you will find its unlimited and this versatile well minded horse has a place in every ones barn.  There are no limits to what you can do with a spotted draft. You can custom create a horse to fit your needs. Our horses are seen in a variety of settings, mostly as the versatile all around horse or the “do-all” as I like to call them.


If you can do it, you can do it better with a Spotted Draft Horse!!!


Please Contact Us if you would like more information on the Spotted Draft horse and how they can fit into your lifestyle.