Spotted Draft Horse Society


Yes its finally HERE!  After over 2 years of research and many hours of planning I believe I have found a way to incorporate all of the draft type horses with pinto coloring into one great place.  The Spotted Draft Horse Society has been established to preserve the legacy of these great horses.

First, we have many goals here and one of them is to create a friendly atmosphere bringing people and Spotted Draft Horses together.  This organization is not set up to be competition with any other breed registry, it is here to provide a place for everyone to fit in and provide member support to continue to promote these great horses everywhere.  We believe that all draft type horses with pinto coloring should be recognized.  Not defined just by the bloodlines.  Regardless if you like the tall feathered type or the short wide type there is something for everyone.  Horses of solid coloring resulting from breeding programs of spotted horses can also be registered.   Although all the details are not here, rest assured the object of the stud books is to INCLUDE not exclude horses.

In order to incorporate everyone we have three separate stud books.  This will help keep the established breeding in order and allow horses that have unknown breeding to apply for registration.   One of our goals is to have the largest stud book of Draft type horses with pinto coloring. 

Our members will enjoy many great things.  One is knowing you have an organization that takes customer service very seriously and considers this mission of preserving and promoting these great horses very important.  The website is being set up to be user friendly and informative.  Most of the transactions with the organization such as memberships and registrations can be done right on the website.  In addition to this will have many promotional programs for members to participate in for year- end awards.   We want you out there using your horses and getting credit for it.  We will be affiliated with USEF, USDF & ADS as well as have programs for trail riders, 4-H and others.  This is all work in process and programs will be added over time and as the demand warrants. 

In addition to all of this we registration incentive programs for horses registered with NASDHA, PDR, ADHA, IDHA & GCDHA as well as a very generous incentives for people that had paid for registrations with PDR but did not receive them.  

Our plan is to launch on July 4, 2013 and begin accepting registrations and memberships. 

The Spotted Draft Horse Society is unique and we feel it is the most beneficial thing that has happened to these horses.   In just a few more weeks the beginning of a new chapter is going to unfold.  Very exciting times ahead!!


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