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C&A Farm is dedicated to producing the finest Spotted Draft horses available on the market. Our horses are hand selected by evaluating temperament, working conformation, soundness and bloodlines.  Our program produces Spotted Drafts for sport, pleasure and work.

“C & A’s Commander”
 Elite SDHS Registered Black Tobiano Stallion

Our breeding program is a bit different. Often, people comment when they see Spotted Drafts around but they do not look like ours. Well, this is why. We are not looking to promote or breed the “hitchy” type horse that has a short shoulder and was bred and made to be a hitch horse which many drafts are nor are we interested in producing a horse that is really “drafty”. We breed horses with a longer and better angled shoulder to allow for more forward movement, better use of their front end and to make a better riding or carriage type horse. Our horses are on the lighter draft side and usually stand between 16 – 17 hands. We find this a nice usable size that can accommodate most anything you want them to do.

Our horses are very comfortable to ride, they have an easy, smooth trot and a rocking horse type canter, yes you really can ride them all day! Although we mostly ride english many of our horses go onto be very nice western mounts. Many of our customers trail ride with their C&A bred spotted drafts, we get many happy emails telling us how unflappable their young horses are along with the many compliments they receive from others on the trails.

We love to DRIVE!! Yes driving is so much fun and the Spotted Drafts make such a suitable driving horse. They are strong enough to handle pulling a large load and yet fancy enough to do it in style! Look for our Spotted Drafts at local driving or sleigh events, you will “spot” them easily!!

Please contact us if you would like more information on the Spotted Draft horse and how they can fit into your lifestyle.

We are striving to produce the horses that can do it all… and in color!!